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We will get through this together!

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Hope and Healing Survivor Resource Center is open and serving those who need us most. The Battered Women's Shelter houses those whose homes are not a safe space for them. However, we cannot continue to do so without the help of the community. Throughout the year, BWS relies on help from the community to provide resources to our survivors - normally, those resources come in the form of wonderful in-kind donations, as well as financial assistance.

For the safety of our community and those we serve, we are no longer able to accept all of the donations that we would normally rely on to keep our shelter up and running. So, we are asking for your help. The funds raised by this campaign will go directly to the needs of keeping the shelter up and running with food, cleaning products, etc.

This is an unprecendented time for all of us and we know that you may not currently be in a position to give, so we ask that you keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Together, we will get through this.