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Mobile Advocacy Van

$450 raised

$50,000 goal

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Join us in funding our Mobile Advocacy Van, a crucial resource for survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and

human trafficking. Your contribution enables direct support, therapy, and crisis management on wheels breaking barriers and

empowering survivors in their journey to healing wherever they are. Donate today and help build hope on wheels.


Break Barriers
Extend support directly to survivors, overcoming obstacles of

accessibility and reaching underserved communities.

Empower Survivors
Provide personalized case management services, empowering

survivors to navigate their journey to healing with tailored support.

Accessible Therapy
Establish a mobile therapeutic space, offering survivors a safe and

convenient environment for counseling and emotional support.

Rapid Response
Implement a swift crisis management system, ensuring immediate

assistance and safety measures for survivors facing emergencies.

Community Impact

Contribute to a stronger, safer community by supporting essential

services that promote healing and resilience for survivors.